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E-mail Addresses and Social Media

General enquiries; Fiction Department, Fiction Department (Poetry), and Theatre Department.

Twitter (@shawlman), and Facebook.

  • Shawlman
  • What Shawlman is About

    Shawlman is a literary discussion project on "groundbreaking" literature, and its position in and on reality, life, and art.

    In the fields of fiction, poetry, and theatre, Shawlman contributors analyse, discuss, and deconstruct literary works until the essence of said work is laid bare. — Remy L. Overkempe, Editor-in-chief

  • Company

    Shawlman is edited, maintained and published by Martian Prince.

    The company tries to secure that the editorial quality of the magazine remains top-notch, and that the focus stays on literary excellence.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Editor-in-chief Remy L. Overkempe is in charge of the creative control.