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The Afflatus Issue

Volume 1, Issue I published on July 31, 2012

After four years of Siberian hard labour, Shawlman, a new literary discussion and essaying project, has finally been launched. With groundbreaking literature (and literary movements) at its core, we will try to analyse, discuss, and deconstruct literary works until the true essence of said work is laid bare.

This first quarterly issue starts a few steps before the literary works though; because there is something that comes before it, a creating and forming agent that is behind it. Thus, this inaugural issue is all about literary and dramatic inspiration; the divine role past and contemporary authors have on budding writers and playwrights; and what part history and literary movements have had on our favourite men and women of letters.

Every other week, we will be publishing a new article on these subjects. We hope you will join us in discussing the important matter of afflatus; and hope that you will enjoy and appreciate what we have to offer.

Remy L. Overkempe, Editor-in-chief

This Issue's Articles


  • A Personal Experience

    It is my belief that personal experiences, above anything, are still the most important aspect of literary creation.

  • The Ripe Sentences

    No single author has impacted my attitude towards, and love and admiration of literature as much as the bawdy Gustave Flaubert.